Gift Pack

This year will bring all presents!

gift pack

Greek traditional flavors…in a box

Christmas   –   Corporate   –  Special  –  Healthy  –  Anniversary  –  Birthday


  • Total gross weight per gift box: 2.04 Kg
  • Number of gift boxes per carton: 5


Original Kalamata Olives

Area of Sparta, Laconia

– Original
– Firm meaty flesh
– Rich flavor
– 360 g NW
Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

– Luscious red with rich taste, keeping in place the nutrients and  lycopene.
– We  contribute towards environmental sustainable growing practices that care for the environment while providing nutritious food.
– 190 g NW


fos-sea sald

Sea salt & oregano

Sea salt flakes 100% Natural non proceeded shaped by the sea  + Wild oregano Rich in essential oils & medicinal properties

Balsamic vinegar spray
-Solely from sun dried grapes grown on vineyards in Peloponnesus region of Greece.
-Produced by the finest producer of Balsamic Vinegars, Papadimitriou s.a.
-Fermented by traditional methods, without caramel, preservatives and colorants.
-Rich in antioxidants with  rich sweet and sour taste.
-150 ml NW
extra vergin
Olive oil spray
– Solely from olives cultivated in mountainous groves of Peloponnesus region of Greece.
– Selected by Karpea s.a. a company with 30 years of experience in the olive oil industry,
– The ancient tradition meets the modern day convenience of a spray bottle.
– 150 ml NW

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