Agrosparta’s dynamic presence at the Anuga exhibition in Germany

For the past ten years, Agrosparta has been consistently present at the Anuga exhibition in Cologne, Germany, one of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions.

Greece has always been among the biggest participants of Anuga and especially this year it had a dynamic presence as about 300 Greek companies participated. Greek products stood out among the rest of the products on the world market both in terms of quality and taste. As every year, Agrosparta’s products have received a great response and positive feedback from visitors of the exhibition. In particular, this year, Agrosparta, beside the simple taste of olives, suggested new flavors, such as reed olives marinated with red pepper and oregano, green olives marinated with garlic and rosemary, green olives marinated with chili and oregano, green and paprika as well as Mixed Olives (reeds and greens) with chili, garlic and black pepper. Visitors of the Agrosparta stand had the opportunity to taste the company’s products, first impressed with the size of the Greek green olive and then with its rich taste. Those of the visitors who are knowledgeable about olives, confirm that the Greek olive is the most delicious in the world. Agrosparta’s presence in Anuga 2019 and its contact with a global clientele is part of the company’s ongoing development process. So we continue to set higher goals for the future.